Genuine Oval BLACK STAR SAPPHIRE 0.70 tcw DIAMOND 14K Gold Ring
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Solid 14K Gold FINE  Natural  6 Carat Oval BLACK STAR SAPPHIRE Cabochon 0.70 tcw Diamond Ring from our Vintage Estate Jewelry Collection, Size 5.75

The Oval Black Star Sapphire is prong set in Solid 14 Karat Gold with a natural round cut diamond at each point.  

GemstoneType/ Cut: Natural Black Star Sapphire Cabochon
Color: Translucent Brown to Black
Approximate Gemstone Measurement:  6 Carats / 10.7 mm x 11.9 mm
Cut: Polished Oval Cabochon
Size: 5.75
Approximate Diamond total carat weight: 0.70 , 6 @ .11 carats each
Metal: 14K Gold

Condition: Shows minimal wear scuffing consistent with normal wear and age.  The Gold has a lovely patina along the fluted band as it was originally made in White Gold and over time the Yellow Gold has begun to show through.  Ring can be Rhodium Plated to restore back to its white gold look; however we felt better keeping the piece as is due to its vintage age.

Total weight of piece: 16.7 grams 

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All items have been tested and verified to be as described by our staff of professional jewelers.  

Authenticity guaranteed! 

Please see photos for a detailed view of the actual ring.

The ring is in very good overall pre-loved condition with no major defects, stone settings is in tact!

This piece has been acid tested and verified to be 14k Gold.

Please email us any questions you may have!

Read on to learn about this magical stone!

The ancients regarded star sapphires as powerful talismans for protecting travelers and seekers. They were considered to be so powerful that they would continue to protect the wearer even after being passed on to another person.

In the gemstone world there are a special group of gems known as phenomenal gemstones. These are gems that exhibit special optical phenomena, including Asterism; the star effect.

These phenomenal ges are fairly rare! Star Sapphire (the star effect) is an example of an optical effect found very rarely in a small number of gem types cut as cabochons. The most famous examples are star Sapphire and star Ruby!

The reason that asterism is so rare is that it requires the gem to have inclusions of rutile needles, and for the needles to be aligned in such a way as to reflect light in a multi-rayed pattern forming a star. 

The value of a star sapphire depends on the clarity of the star, the color of the stone and the number of rays in the star. Thailand is famous for the black and gold star sapphires found only in Chanthaburi Province .

Hence this is a very desirable, sought after stone.  Have a close look at the photos of this vintage beauty!


All vintage / retro / estate/ antique/ Fine & or Fashion jewelry is pre-owned and pre-loved therefore showing signs of wear, which is consistent with use and age unless described as excellent condition. For example slight scuffing on band, worn down hallmarks, etc. Our pictures are a visual description of the piece.  We can always provide additional photos, details, and or measurements upon request.  All inquiries are generally answered within 24 hrs. Jewelry may require polishing at the buyer's option as some prefer the patina, as well as the value being affected by cleaning. All Precious Metals have been acid tested and verified to be the Karat stated in our description.  If available we will have a photo of said hallmark/makers mark.


As with all handmade, Native jewelry, or jewelry with natural stones, inconsistencies may occur in the handmade nature of the item, only adding to the uniqueness and appeal of the piece.


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Genuine Oval BLACK STAR SAPPHIRE 0.70 tcw DIAMOND 14K Gold Ring

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